Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Impossible Orchestra

Last night (more like very early this morning) I attended the Impossible Orchestra's 24 hour concert.  In an attempt to raise awareness for CareAware, the orchestra continuously plays without stopping for 24 hours (as the title suggests...).

If you're wondering how, there is a pool of musicians that decides how long they will play.  After speaking with a musician after the show, she told us that she would be playing in three 'slots' (3x3hours).  The maximum that any member of the orchestra can play for is 4 slots.  As if three isn't tiring enough already...

The show itself is FREE, yes no catch, and will end at 5pm today afternoon (Sunday 28th October).  If you've got some free time, I highly recommend you check it out.  I attended the 11pm-2am performance, but I'm sure the ones today will be much easier to stay awake in...

A great sound and an opportunity to see the newly renovated Hamer Hall for FREE.  It certainly doesn't happen every day...

For more information, see the link below:

If you can't attend in time, here is a live stream:

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review: PARKROYAL Hotel - Melbourne Airport

Formerly the 'Hilton Airport Hotel', the PARKROYAL boasts of an improved ambiance and service.  You wouldn't expect an orange theme to work throughout a hotel, but somehow it was pulled off very well.  The warmth of the colours ensure a cosy feel and the more neutral room colours are soothing.  

I was very pleased with the staff members, friendly smiles and attitude throughout.  Would highly recommend it to business travellers.  Convenient if you are catching a flight the next morning, but certainly quite a distance from the city.  Rooms are pleasant and airport views are impressive.

Bookings can be made via their website: 

A pleasant lobby area, easy access to the restaurant

The suite is spacious and inviting - big enough to relax or hold a small meeting

Spacious and clean bathroom

Large bed and 'open space' feel (suite)

Stunning views of aircraft departures

Nice and close with airlines that frequent Australian skies

The perfect hotel for plane spotters

Cleanliness - 9/10
Service - 9/10
Location (accessibility) - 10/10 (easy to access airport and city - taxis, buses)
Location (ambiance) - 7/10 
Amenities - 9/10
Technology (TV, internet connectivity, radios) - 9/10

How likely I will be revisiting: Highly Likely

Overall rating: 9/10

In a sentence:  The PARKROYAL hotel at Melbourne Airport is perfect for the business traveller.  If you don't mind waking up to the sight of planes, then this hotel is ideal for a quick stopover - only a few minutes walk to the check-in counters.

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