Friday, 6 July 2012

A freezing winter in Melbourne

Transitioning from a humid lifestyle back in Hong Kong to a freezing climate back home has proven to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated.  Having spent almost a year abroad, it's strange settling back but at the same time it is nice to meet up with old friends.

Melbourne hasn't changed much apart from the redevelopment of areas such as Swanston st and the inefficient MYKI (public transport smart-card) system.  Yes, it is improving but it's far from ready.  If you compare it with ones in other regions such as Hong Kong & Singapore, I always wonder why they didn't outsource the work and shamelessly ask for advice from already working systems.  In a future post, I will give you an example of what the Hong Kong octopus card can do and you'll understand why I am so bitter towards the MYKI.  Having spent a few weeks here, I can already pick out many faults in the system, but fingers crossed it will work out in the end.  The sad truth is that Melbourne has great potential for a superb system, it's just that it is not managed well.

No, I am entirely frustrated with Melbourne as I have missed it dearly.  This week it was sad to find out that Melbourne no longer tops the charts as the most liveable city in the World.  Vancouver too, has missed out on a place in the top 10, previously ranking very well, claiming #1 position for several years.  Hong Kong is now the most liveable city!  I think it's a sign: I have a feeling Hong Kong is dragging me back.  It's the perfect excuse right?  More information on the ratings below:

Within the first few days of arriving back to Melbourne, I couldn't help but roam around the city and explore my hometown.  After discovering many areas in Hong Kong at every free moment I had, I was inspired to do the same back home.  There is so much to see, so much to do... You just need to find time to discover what's around you.  And yes, we all do have a few spare minutes in our lives... 

Walking down Little Burke this week, I enjoyed taking in the street art.  I don't remember this particular artwork before, I'm not exactly sure if it's new or I genuinely never noticed it.  It's awkward but there is something cool about it.  The second photo I took is one that I personally like, the non-standing sign, the glistening garage doors and the brickwork on the left all adds to it.  For those who have never visited Melbourne, I highly recommend you check out the lanes and our famous graffiti!

The next set of photos are from Australia Arcade.  Apart from the fact that this mall feels rather dead and many business have change or left, it was a good idea to introduce this artwork.  The umbrellas are a nice contrast against our gloomy winter!

View from the food court seating below

And Grand Hyatt on Collins st.  I've always loved the design of this hotel, especially the colour of the glass windows which always shine :)

That's all for now.  Greetings from a seriously cold Melbourne!  Stick around for some final posts about my experience studying and living in Hong Kong!

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