Thursday, 2 February 2012

Flight Review - Philippine Airlines (Manila-Puerto Princesa) - PR195

Aircraft carrier: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft type: Airbus 320-200
Flight duration: 1hr 20min

In-flight food rating: 7/10
Staff friendliness:  9.5/10
Overall Flight rating: 8/10

I'm not going to wait to say this; I loved travelling with Philippines Airlines.  The crew was fantastic (just look at their wonderful smiles) and were very friendly throughout the flight.  I love stress-less crew, it makes all of the difference!  Did I mention the legroom was fantastic for an A320.  Most airlines are quite small especially Air Asia, but then again, it is a budget airline...  In my previous flight review, which can be found here, I reviewed our flight from Hong Kong to Clark Airport.  In order for us to reach Puerto Princesa and later El Nido, we needed to take a flight from Manila Airport to Puerto Princesa.  And so the adventure begins...

Deciding to visit the Palawan region instead of the famous 'Boracay' is a decision we to this day do not regret.  Sure, I can't wait to return to explore this hyped up tourist destination as I've heard it is truly AMAZING.  

Because we wanted to make the most of our time in Puerto Princesa and El Nido, we limited our stay in Manila to one night only in an area close to the airport.  We took a famous tricycle to the airport in the morning as it was easier to find than a taxi in the early hours.  A bumpy but memorable experience (as were all of the other tricycle trips!).  

Control Tower in the early hours...

A beautiful start to the day, and a big adventure ahead...!

One thing that you must be very careful of in the Philippines - TAXES at the airport.  Make sure you have some spare change as you'll be in a bit of trouble...

Typical stall at the airport terminal

Loved the title of this outlet...

Massages - brought to you by the... Good Guys (see above text... ) :P

A really clean and simple layout.  I like it a lot - especially because it lets a lot of light in

Sunrise greets us on our journey to Puerto Princesa

External image - from Tarmac side of the Airport Terminal

I like the livery of Philippine Airlines, seems very refreshing.

Take off!

I love photos from the air - cities looks so impressive.  Check out those wonderful colours!

'Happy' Peanuts kept us content and busy for the first 30 minutes...

Quite a simple meal, but good enough for a short flight.  I really liked the peanuts which were Chicken flavoured

Paradise from the Air for the next 15-20 minutes as we begin our descent to Puerto Princesa.

Beyond words at this point...

Did I mention the clouds put on a show for us?

Vibrant green colours :)

This has to be one of the most impressive sights I've seen for a while.  The ladies are:  Miss World Philippines 2011.  Follow the link here for more information.

Ok, I'm not exaggerating.  I initially jumped out of my seat when I first saw them line up.  This photo was a once in a life time occurrence.  They posed for an extremely short time, probably under 30 seconds and were already running off to depart on the flight.  I was somehow hoping I could join them, but unfortunately Puerto Princesa was calling for me, so I made my way out.

Others taking advantage of the photo opportunity

Cockpit, controls.  Thank you to the kind crew and captain for allowing me to take these.

I LOVE the Zest Air livery.  One of the most interesting I've seen in a while.  I have a feeling they will do well.  Hopefully I'll travel with them next time for a review...

Cebu Pacific Air has a nice livery too.  Phillipine airlines are doing a good job!  I guess it reflects their lovely attitudes, smiles, environment and weather

It was a scramble getting out...

Have a read of that... I'll tell you more about it in the upcoming blog posts on the Philippines.

The famous tricycle...

And that is where I have to leave it for now.  The adventure from now on become really exciting, and writing this makes me want to jump on another plane RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

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