Friday, 24 February 2012

Chinese New Year Parade - Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Hong Kong

Originally I wasn't really intending to visit the Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Chinese New Year Parade but after being convinced by a handful of people that it is a very cool event, I decided to go.  We got a group together and we headed off in the early evening to ensure we had a place to stand.  And what a good idea it was to do that...  The result was that we were in one of the best places 'hotspots' during the night and the place soon started getting very busy!  People were pushing and shoving and even managed to bring along footstools in order to see the activities.  The MC's in our zone were lively, entertaining and VERY LOUD (the girl especially) but they were chosen for a good reason - their voices were quite pleasant despite the volume the microphones were set to.

This evening proved to be quite spectacular and I was surprised what a good show was put on.  I didn't expect it to be so elaborate, especially being able to fit performances (dancing, unicycles, marching bands - playing to Lady Gaga believe it or not!!!, etc...) and floats..    My favourite float was SOGO (below), very well designed.  Here are some photos from the evening.

I strongly encourage you to attend next year.  Cathay Pacific put on a great show!

SOGO's float was classy


This was one of my favourite performances.  Here you have the Hong Kong 'Sliding Association' - yes, exactly what you may be thinking.  They were running, jumping to the floor and creating sparks with their metal shin guards.  Absolutely brilliant to watch!

Yes, that's right.  Not only were the girls riding balloon animals, they were wearing balloons from top to bottom.

This dragon was just fantastic!

Band - very lively!  And seriously...  Lady Gaga?  Haha!  Hong Kong seemed to love it!

Quite funny - as bringing these big balloons through the gates in the above photo caused some trouble.  Some got caught in the cables.

Was nice to see the MC's interacting.  They did have a habit of embarrassing people (asking them the day and date - which got everything thinking).  

Cathay Pacific's Float

Some were quite elaborate...

These dancers were awesome!

Of course the Hong Kong Jockey Club brought along a float...

Toy Story...

Here is the fireworks show several days later:  CLICK HERE

Photo Credits:  Zain M.

More information about the parade (official website):

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