Tuesday, 3 January 2012

10 Ways to Travel Green

*The following article is a guest post.  Author:  Shelly Mirriam

This site strives to bring you the best in travel.  But what about when you want to maximize your traveling fun while minimizing your impact on the environment?  Don’t despair, there are many ways to travel green, and we have listed just ten below.

  1. Fly commercial - Unless you are a millionaire or a Hollywood celebrity, this shouldn't be a problem.  Flying on a commercial plane has much less impact on the planet than chartering a jet just for one person.  If you truly must travel in style, business and first class seats are just as green as coach. 
  2. Use public transportation – Once you arrive at your destination, it can be tempting to rent a car, but the use of public transportation – especially buses and taxis – are better for the environment.  Like the above, it can also be a good option for those lighter on their travel budget.
  3. Don’t fly – If you can get to your destination by bus, train, or even carpool, go for it.  It may take a little longer but will be better for the environment.  There is also the added bonus of no security hassles or other occurrences that happen at the airport.
  4. Rent a hybrid – If you must rent a car, try a hybrid.  Many agencies offer them, and they can make up for the upgrade charge in saved gas.  If no hybrids are available, stick to cars that are lighter instead of trucks, jeeps, or SUVs.
  5. Reuse – Did you know that many hotels offer a Reuse Program where guests can reuse the sheets, towels, linens, etc. for a preset number of days?  It can both lessen the impact on the environment and your hotel bill.
  6. Pack light – With higher fuel prices, airlines are making up for it by charging bag fees.  Packing light cannot only save you the extra baggage fees, it can also be better for the planet.
  7. Bike trip – Many destinations offer bike tours as part of their offerings to vacationers.  Take part in them to not only minimize your impact but in seeing the countryside as it was meant to be seen and felt.
  8. Stay smart – If you know where in your destination you will be doing most of your sight-seeing, try and get lodging as near as possible.  It cannot only cut down on your transportation costs during your stay, it can also reduce the impact that all those cab rides and such would have had.
  9. Book green – The practice of traveling green is not a new one.  In fact, there are many sites that can help you do it.  There is an extensive list <a href=http://www.independenttraveler.com/travel-tips/specialty-travel/green-travel-resources#lodging>here</a> that has loads of sites to help you lodge, tour, and more.
  10. Volunteer vacation – If you really want to do the most good during your vacation, why not volunteer vacation?  This is where you join a group of volunteers to perform tasks from building houses to providing medical care or education for a population in need.  These types of vacations are often green and can be very rewarding.

Shelly Mirriam is a science student and also writes www.mastersinenvironmentalscience.org
Masters in Environmental Science helps students find the right environmental science degree.

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