Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ozone Bar - World's highest bar?

Well, depending if you classify the measurement of 'highest' from sea level or from street level, Hong Kong certainly tops the list as having the highest bar in Asia.  If you count it from sea level, then it is the highest in the World.  If you count it from the ground then if is the second highest after 'at.mosphere' which is in Dubai situated in the Burj Khalifa on the 122nd floor.  Either way the view is phenomenal and you'll soon be returning as it is beyond breathtaking!

Marvellous view isn't it?

I visited it with friends for the second time last month and thought it would be worth sharing my experience with readers of Aussie-traveller.com.

The bar is situated on the 118th Floor of the International Commerce Centre situated in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is entered via the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

The bar certainly leads towards  'more expensive' on the spectrum, but even if you pay for a drink or snack it is worth every cent.  Not only is the view towards Hong Kong Island as well as Kowloon impressive, the futuristic and abstract interior designing is aesthetically pleasing, encouraging you to spend a while taking it all in.

Here are some photos to prove my comments are not an exaggeration...

Some splendid patterns...

Mood lighting is refreshing as there is no single monotonous colour theme

Some wild reflections!  It was extremely challenging to get this to turn out exactly as hoped - in the first photo of the series. 

It's really worth sitting outside, a very refreshing atmosphere.

From 'ground-level'

Bar outside

One of my favourite photos from the night

Back inside...

Bar inside of the 118th floor

Ritz-Carlton Hotel lobby - you need to enter here to access the bar.  A few lift changes - be sure to ask staff and they will take you to an elevator with a high ceiling which is equally cool.

It's always challenging finding new perspectives of the same city, but this time I'm happy to say, at least in my opinion, "I've nailed it!"

Outside of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The usual suspects parked in front of the hotel to ensure those who are staying there:  that the hotel 'screams class'

Leaving the Ozone Bar and Ritz-Carlton, the International Commerce Centre (ICC) mall named: 'Elements' had Christmas decorations which were thankfully not 'overboard'

The usual brands...  

And finally back home via Kowloon Station which - might I say - is very impressive and looks like an airport terminal

I hope you enjoyed the post.  If you reside in Hong Kong, there's no point getting excited about it via photos.  You MUST go and experience it.  If you're leaving soon, DO NOT forget to 'check-off' this destination.

It truly is an experience - 'beyond heights imaginable...'

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