Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why I loved travelling with V Australia (Part 2) - MEL-LA - VA11

You may be wondering right about now:  What is so good about V Australia's product?

In my other post, I mentioned that the International Economy product is marvellous.  Not only does it boast on of the biggest amounts of legroom, but it also provides great in-flight entertainment, food and beverages and overall service.

What I loved most was the friendliness of the cabin crew.  Unfortunately, these days not many airlines in Australia are so polite, helping and energetic.  A final touch which I thought was great is Virgin's new uniform.  They used to have more of a strong  and overpowering (read authoritative) attire but now it is quite different, 'loose' to put it best.  It used to be very tight-fitting, but now the uniform is loose and this in turn is psychological.  It gives the crew more of a relaxed and fresh image.  This may all sound strange, but you'll, understand when you fly with them (which I highly recommend!)  

I still can't get over the amazing mood lighting!

V Australia's interactive entertainment system called 'RED'

Excitement fills the entire cabin as passengers begin to see the mountains in Los Angeles.  We were flying through heavy cloud for a lot of the final sector so it was nice to see this view.

The mountains were above the clouds which made it difficult to see how close we actually were to the ground (from touching down).

Only minutes later did we finally break through and I too was surprised how low we had actually been flying...

LA famous for their ridiculous amount of car lanes on freeways.  I think Australia should learn from them

Arrived!  Finally here in Los Angeles!

I've never seen a DELTA aircraft in person before this trip, so it was wonderful to add another to the check-list.

Some very familiar aircraft parked near our gate...

Building in progress.  Great to see the development going on.

I've taken many photos from the wing before but this was probably one of the most exciting.  I was only taking a boring photo of the wing and the tower until this beauty roared past and scared me.  I could literally feel it!

John Travolta's 707 in the background

See, I hope I can prove my point here.  Whenever you board a plane, every airline's crew will greet you very kindly, sometimes in an over-the-top way.  However, when you leave the plane, the crew cannot wait to see you leave!  They often chase you out.  Here at V Australia, the 'encouraged' me to stay back and take as many photos as I liked.  

Great to see another special aircraft!

We arrived in the hall and immediately searched for food before our flight to Boston.  What I found surprising about Los Angeles airport (in the terminal we were in) was the small variety.  Most other international airports have gigantic food courts and offer fantastic selections.  Here, it was Starbucks, Burger King and a few other small outlets.  Surprising?

Quite a nice idea to have all of these flags.  First time I've seen something like this at an airport.  Anyone recognise a particular flag?

Human vs Machine...

Could it be?  An Airbus amongst all of the Boeing's in LA.  I can't believe my eyes !

Australian and Japanese meet.  QANTAS 747 and ANA 777.  Which is your favourite aircraft?

And that my friends concludes this particular flight review.  I cannot express how excited I was to touch down in Los Angeles with such a wonderful group of friends - who would share amazing experiences for the next 3 weeks - but also to walk out of the plane very happy with the flight, despite it being so long. 

Arriving at Immigration was another experience altogether, but let's say that it is a little stressful (for every traveller).  And boy, did it take forever!

Very soon, I will post the LOS ANGELES - BOSTON flight review which left many of us quite... oh, I guess I'll just explain it all in the post... :)

P.S.  If you missed the ratings of this flight, see this post which is part 1:  HERE
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