Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tourist returns to the Peak - Hong Kong

Ok, I have a small confession.  This is the first time returning to the Peak since my first visit to Hong Kong with my dad three years ago.  After living in Hong Kong for the last 3 months, I can finally say that I no longer feel like a tourist, but today's visit was different.  I felt once again like a foreigner visiting popular sights.

With today's visit, all I can say is:  I've missed it!  Everyone talks about how it's overrated, 'touristy' and boring.  I beg to differ.  If you forget about the queues and the tourists and begin to appreciate just how high up you are, you will soon come to realise that those who reside in Hong Kong perhaps take for granted just what a wonderful view they have available to them.  Hong Kong is a global city and boasts the World's most impressive skylines according to this evaluation:

Regardless of whether it's first, second, third or amongst the top 10 skylines in the World (dependent on the year), it is certainly a thrilling sight!

Some cities only look impressive from the ground, others only from above.  Hong Kong is different.  Wherever (no, this is no an over-exaggeration).

Today, it was an amazing feeling returning to a sight I have not visited in several years.  Before visiting Hong Kong, I had dreamt of seeing the view yet again, but since I arrived to study in Hong Kong, I was always waiting for the best conditions.  This week, I decided to be less stubborn.

I hope you enjoy the photos (they look very different depending on which computer I look at it over here), so I hope your computer screen does justice to the view I had.

There are several ways to visit the Peak such as the famous tram, by bus or walking up a trail (very close to the University of Hong Kong).  Today, I wanted to try something different from the tram.  I took the bus (which is a bit of a drive) but the view was spectacular along the way (as the sun was just setting).  Returning, I walked back down via the trail which is definitely worth doing and shorter than the bus ride back to the Western District!

Also, to the several people that I met this evening - thank you for the nice chat.  It is always wonderful meeting new people who share the same passion of photographing wonderful World sights!

Ok, enough talking!  Here are the photos:

It's an exciting place.  I don't care how 'touristy' it looks! 

This is the photo that really made my night worthwhile.  It's often the photos you least expect to turn out well that actually are the most satisfying!  If you're bored of the standard Peak photos below, try something new like this!  

My favourite photo out of the three similar ones.  It's because it has a nice balance - greenery surrounded by the concrete jungle of HK city!  The shades of green and blue really give it that texture.

This photo has an interesting story behind it.  Yes, everyone can get the standard boring old photos like the ones above but not everyone is brave enough to hold out their camera, incorporate people taking photos, the city, the park, the reflections.  What I love about this photo is the expression of the young lady in the top right hand corner.  When I was taking this photo originally, a photographer very nearby kept using his flash and it was starting to throw off my exposure.  So, I thought I'd use his flash to my advantage:  when he was about to fire, I prepared and in just the right time, the flash managed to illuminate the girls face.  I love it!

The mall which sells many electronic items such as toy helicopters, watch phones (yes, you dial from your watch...), has decent restaurants and I must say - after three years, it looks rather identical!

All of the above four photos are the view from the bus window.

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands... Editing!  Let me know what you think.  It's strange, but somehow appeals to me... 

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