Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Macau is buzzing! Part one

Those that know me are well aware that I LOVE Macau!  What's there not to like about it?  It really is a unique city that offers a wonderful cultural scene.  The are fantastic historical sites, restaurants and casinos.  And I mean:  CASINO's!

All of them are quite unique as they have their own kind of 'feel', and scent.  Yes that's right.  It's becoming more common now that malls, casinos and some smaller but well established shops are using unique scents to attract customers back.  It has quite an effect on people as I now can recall almost every different scent and remember which casino used it.  My favourite has to be Galaxy's.  In general, it is also my favourite casino, which opened earlier this year (very recently).

If you haven't been to Macau yet, it is definitely worth a visit.

Here are some photos from my last visit.  It is a photographers paradise!

The photos above are taken inside the MGM.  It has a wonderful little courtyard inside and as you can see from the photos, very colourful.  I am very happy with how these photos turned out.



When I saw the above reflections as I was rushing in the late afternoon, I stopped to give the reflections  'a crack' and I was extremely pleased!  I still can't get over how well they turned out.

Galaxy Macau - my favourite casino!

Architecture students will love Macau for many reasons.... or not... Depends on your taste!

Famous casino - LISBOA in the background.  Yes, the one which has an amazing shape...!

Lobby of Galaxy in the city.

This model is of the latest Galaxy in the Cotai district.

Above two photos are on a street adjacent to MGM.  Macau's streets always look fantastic in the evening.

Wynn casino - I really like the design of this casino and colour scheme.

In Macau, you need to be careful when crossing roads.  Unlike Hong Kong, cars, taxis and buses do not stop.  They expect you to move.  If you don't, well...  Let's just say it's better if you don't get in their way...

These have to be some of the better designed Dior and LV shops I've seen for a while.  Up close, they look even more magical.

Although this is a HDR, the sky was really this purple.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked out of MGM that evening!  Here, the waterfront looks deserted but within an hour, this place was packed! due to the fireworks show!  There were people sitting all over the waterfront, on top of the green patches in the photo as well as the defending deck you see in the foreground. 

Most Casino's in Macau now feature mini performances every 15-30mins.  Wynn casino used to have a dancing dragon (which every Chinese tourist rushed to see) and now has the 'Tree of Prosperity show' as you can see in the three photos above.

This display is known as the 'dancing fountains'.  They are synchronised to music and please all onlookers.

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