Monday, 14 November 2011

Boeing 787 arrival to Hong Kong - 2011 - ANA (All Nippon Airways)

On the 26th of October, I received a wonderful late birthday present.  The opportunity to experience the arrival of the Boeing 787 aircraft was fantastic!  After a four hour trip from Japan to Hong Kong, it finally touched down on Hong Kong soil.  It was the first commercial flight of the 787 which is Boeing's answer (competitor) to the Airbus A380.  Here are some photos of the A380 I've taken in the past:

Singapore airline's Airbus 380 - it's powerful isn't it!

Qantas Airbus - A380 departing for Los Angeles

Another photo of it departing Melbourne airport - it is much bigger than the 787 and nicer in my opinion!

Here is the Qantas A380 performing a flyover during an AFL (Australian Football Leage) match at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

Some further reading on the A380:

Highly recommend the above website which is managed by a friend I know deeply passionate about Aviation!

Here is the All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787 arriving in not-so-wonderful weather conditions.

Some further reading on the 787 if you're interested:

Which is a better aircraft?  The 787 or the A380?  I'll leave you to decide that!  I'm looking forward to any opinions you may have! 

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