Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Steve Jobs has left, but Apple will thrive

It has been sad news for all after learning of Steve Job's passing.  Many paid tribute, others criticised the World for paying more attention to Jobs rather than Human rights and World issues.  Some have been so attached to the Apple religion that it is quite frightening.  One thing is for sure, he made a significant contribution to technology.  Our lives have been made easier, more efficient and innovative.  Apple introduced another level of excitement when it revolutionised the way we use technology products.  Still, there are those that criticise Jobs for his sinister marketing tactics which relied on turning peoples wants into their needs.  Whether technology has made our lives easier or more difficult will always be debated.  We rely so much on our smart phones, our tablets and music playing devices that we forget that life is more about making friendships and sustaining them.  More time is spent on 'organising' to meet up than 'actually' meeting up.

Forgetting the debates, it's encouraging to know that Apple will continue to do well.  There are many great minds in the industry, and no one man can ever be irreplaceable.  Having said that, I deeply respect Steve Jobs for his passionate attempt to introduce that element of excitement to all who embrace technology.  Apple's products have penetrated the market rapidly because they are unique, creative and innovative.    

What gained my attention most over the last week was the reaction to Steve's death in Hong Kong.  Many people acted as if they had lost an important political leader or hero.  It goes to show how loyal they are to the brand and the mind behind it.  

I thought I'd share several photos from the latest Apple store in Hong Kong.  It only opened several weeks ago, and now it has been turned into a shrine, allowing people to pay respect.  It was emotional seeing the length people went to, and how seriously they took the news.

All I can say is:  Thank you Steve Jobs.  Your creations have made our lives just that extra bit different.

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