Monday, 31 October 2011

Starway Hotel - Pudong Airport - SHANGHAI, CHINA (2011)

I visited the Starway Hotel recently on my holiday to China.  Quite frankly, I didn't expect a royal welcoming or a luxurious stay due to its price, but I must say that this hotel exceeded my expectations.  My flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai was delayed for just over an hour, so this affected the availability of taxis and caused me to check-in at somewhere close to the hour of 4am.  Initially, I chose this hotel as it looked relatively close to Pudong (Shanghai) airport, but its not the first time I've learnt a lesson from relying too much on Google Maps.  

Nonetheless, it was still relatively close to the airport compared to the other hotels which were located near the the city (quite a distance away).  My taxi hit 130-140km/h on some very slippery and winding freeways so I was quite glad to finally arrive and settle into my room.  As I checked in, I didn't know what to do.  It was a bit awkward but in the end I let of a little cough which quickly woke up the attendant.  This I realised was quite common in China - that hotel staff and even security guards are all fast asleep.  I don't blame them!  It's 4 am, and you're bound to drift off sooner or later.

Having no mandarin, we somehow both understood my room requests and instructions (higher level, non-smoking etc...).  This lady was very friendly as was another lady that helped me check out from this hotel to Shanghai city.  At no point was I nervous about travelling around China as what I found was that If you're patient, kind and willing to gesture then you can get around the world quite well!  Never stress, remain chilled and it will all work out!

Here are some photos from my stay:

I had two beds to myself!  I need to state it here and now that the mattress was one of the most uncomfortable I have ever slept on...  Solution?  I found three spare pillows which I placed on top and formed my new mattress.  You need to be creative :)

Something quite common in China I noticed was the idea of see-through or near see-through dividers between bedroom and bathroom

Bathroom facilities - was impressed with the cleanliness


My view

Visited: October 2011

Cleanliness - 9
Service - 4
Breakfast - 3.5
Location (accessibility) - 4
Location (ambiance) - 3.5
Amenities - 6
Technology - TV, Internet connectivity, radios - 7.5
Overall Impression - 6.5

How likely I will be revisiting: - Maybe

In a sentence:  A humble hotel that was clean, affordable and even offered breakfast. Enough for an overnight stay.

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