Sunday, 30 October 2011

Macau International Fireworks Contest

Last month, Macau held an International Fireworks Contest.

South Korea
United Kingdom

The fireworks displays I experienced:


I had the opportunity to experience four displays, over two consecutive weekends.  Here are some photos to share the some of the fun I had.  The contests featured some unique fireworks I hadn't seen before, some formed shapes which were very 'cool' but much too difficult to capture as they didn't last very long.  When photographing fireworks  your exposure needs to last for several seconds so a short burst of shapes can't always be captured quickly.

Furthermore, there were many vantage points to view the display from.  I chose to see most of them from a distance, which gave a nice overall view with the Macau Tower alongside the display.  For the last display of the contest, I joined friends just by the Macau Tower and that is when I could truly appreciate the loud blasts and energetic atmosphere.

Overall impression:  I don't know if I could regard these fireworks as some of the best I've seen, but some of them were unique and nice to see for the first time.  A great weekend getaway, I highly recommend Macau to anyone who has not been as yet.

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