Sunday, 23 October 2011

Flight Review - MU2887 (Nanjing-Shenzhen)

Aircraft carrier: CHINA EASTERN
Aircraft type: Airbus 321
Flight Duration: 2 hours
Overall flight rating:  7.5/10
Inflight food rating:  7/10
Staff friendliness:  8/10

The flight from Nanjing to Shenzhen started on the shaky side from around take-off.  The view was extremely hazy so it was not ideal for photos.  Walking onto the plane, I was extremely pleased to see the flight attendants greet us with big smiles.  A cheerful attitude always makes you more confident when travelling on an aircraft.  The seats were comfortable and allowed for plenty of legroom.  The colour of the seats (a deep blue) was also refreshing.  In one of the photographs below, you might notice what seems to be a pilot in the distance.  In actual fact, it was the flight attendant.  This is China Eastern's standard uniform.  I do have to say - I would prefer to see them in something different - it's more appropriate to distinguish the flight attendants with the pilots.

For me, this trip was both a first time on an Airbus 321 and on China Eastern.  As usual, AIRBUS never fails to satisfy and China Eastern seemed a very comfortable airline to travel with.

The one thing that did worry me was that being transported by bus across the tarmac leaves too much of a 'budget' feel.  I don't think this is doing much good for their reputation.  I personally love the experience and I know many others out there do but corporate passengers may prefer the expected aerobridge.  

Another positive was that the departures and arrivals were timed to-the-minute.  There is no messing around and passengers are moved efficiently.

The three photos above:  Nanjing airport - a very 'green' theme...

The Airbus A321 that I flew on

Business class seats - decent for a domestic flight

Economy seating

On-board complimentary snack - sweet bread and refills (orange juice, soft drink, tea)

Cloud formations over China

Making use of almost every inch of advertising space

A nice line-up of Shenzhen Air fleet

Quite a nice looking airport design!

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