Sunday, 14 August 2011

Destination Unknown - part 1

As I previously mentioned in my other NY post, my day had some out-of-the-ordinary events such as the good morning America show that I really enjoyed. It was all about the atmosphere and pure spontaneity.

A photo opportunity I couldn't miss (on my way to Central Park)

I left McDonalds with a satisfied belly :). Walking uptown, I finally arrived at Columbus Circle - where Central Park begins. It was just like all of the movies I'd seen, but much better. There were no actors posing for the cut, purely everyday citizens that did 'their own thing'. This was also the case in the Boston Common. Some threw frisbees, others slept. Some talked, others walked. Some rode bikes, others clutched their cameras and hunted for that perfect touristic shot.

The beginning of my walk through Central Park

Making my way throgh Central Park was a little harder than I had imagined. There were so many paths to choose from.  I took the cyclist and runners track which seemed the most logical at the time. . Did I mention rollerblading is a huge thing in America ? It was wonderful blending in with Manhattan citizens and a great feeling I'll remember for a long time...

I never figured out what this area was all about...

Some of the tour bikes they offer to ride tourists around on.

Another common activity at Central Park is yoga or similar exercises. There are many groups with personal trainers, yet some choose to find a quiet corner in the Park and exercise or meditate alone.

I got a funny look after taking this photo, so I didn't hang around for too long :)

I won't drag this post, for I know there is little more I can say. It was an adventure alright and I did make it to the other end. From 27th to 110th (by foot) brought about great self-satisfaction. Thankfully, today's exercise made up for all of the calories I consumed whilst on my McDonalds visits.

I was ready to walk back the same way I came but two things held me back. Firstly, I wanted to see just how quickly the metro would take me back on this line.  Secondly, the heat was becoming unbearable as it was already midday. Ok, I lied. There was a third reason also. I needed to do some shopping and Century 21 was on my to do list for quite some time. You'll find out about it in my next post!
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